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Our Mission

At The Sowing Company, we believe in sowing good seeds for the future. Our investment philosophy is grounded in conscious capitalism, meaning we seek to improve life on earth while also generating returns for our investors. By investing in projects and businesses that have a positive social and environmental impact, we aim to create a better future for everyone. We aim to lift people out of poverty/ despair and promote sustainable/ equitable growth.

Our Projects



Incercia enables entrepreneurs from developing countries to gain access to developed markets and facilitates the flow of commerce

Inception: October 2019
Stage: Seeding

SowCo Think Tank.

SowCo Think Tank brings thought leaders together to dissect and solution for the most pressing issues facing our communities

Inception: July 2023
Stage: Germination

GOAT Coffee.

GOAT coffee empowers impoverished Pakistani entrepreneurs to generate sustainable cashflow with dignity and respect.

Inception: Jan 2024
Stage: Seed Inspection
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